With so many new startups and applications coming out every year, it’s difficult for companies to get their stories out in the world. Even with an incredible idea, a talented team, and capital to fund a project, that idea will never see the light of day if people don’t know about it. The Olson Company is a boutique media relations and communications agency founded in 2013 to address this issue.

We specialize in early stage, technology-driven startups, and take on only a handful of clients at any given time so that each campaign can be given the attention it needs and deserves. We are at our core storytellers, and take great pride in our ability to craft and execute the stories behind the companies we represent. We believe it is these stories that will separate our companies from their competition, and establish lasting and powerful brands in the marketplace.

The goal at the Olson Company is for everyone to benefit – the client, the firm, and the journalists we collaborate with. We selectively work with companies we feel personally invested in, that are contributing good to the world in large or small ways, and that we feel have viable long-term contributions to make to society. This way, we can truly stand behind the products and services that we represent.

Client roster is strictly referral. All clients have come to The Olson Company at the recommendation of media, clients, and others intimately familiar with the company’s creative work.

For more information, please email: chrysta@theolson.co.